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Always there for you, helping to keep your computers running at peak

  • Providing Quality Support

    Every day, in every way, the Incident Team and Help Desk staff are always standing by to assist you with requests and issues you face in your work with tech here at UW-Madison.

  • Completing Office 2016 Upgrades

    Work is wrapping up on the roll-out of Microsoft Office 2016 Upgrades. This process involves on-site support to assist with any computers missed or experiencing difficulty making it through the upgrade.

  • Virtual Machines (VMs)

    The Incident Team, in concert with Field Services, is deploying Virtual Machines where applicable. Virtual Machines run a copy of Windows on a remote server, showing the person using the VM what the "desktop" looks like on the server. Many Virtual Machines run on a single server, and are far more easily serviced and maintained in this manner.

Your Hardware Connection

  • Virtual Machines

    Many of our customers have the opportunity to benefit from moving to Virtual Machines instead of standard desktop systems. VMs provide high performance computing at a fraction of the cost. Windows runs on a server …

  • M.2 SSD Storage

    M.2 is the new standard for Solid State Drives, or SSDs. With an SSD, your computer boots fast and loads programs quickly. The M.2 standard is pushing these speed increases to the next level. Not …

  • Increased Memory

    With Windows 10 upgrades coming soon, and programs taking better advantage of more memory, we’re configuring systems with more memory these days.

  • Ongoing Hardware Configuration Review

    Field Services is always reviewing the latest offerings in computing technologies. Our efforts are ensuring your desktop and laptop systems are keeping pace and performing well.

Developing robust solutions to facilitate your business requirements

  • Business Services Migration

    Development staff have recently completed the migration of the Business Services applications to contemporary hardware thereby improving stability, reliability, and speed of operation.

Keeping you in the loop and brimming with Excellent knowledge

  • Focus Group Meetings

    On May 1, 2017, CELS kicked off a series of focus group meetings to see how AIMS can provide greater value for our customers. This first meeting looked at our customer’s experience with AIMS support, …

  • The First AIMS Newsletter

    Along with our new website, AIMS is working hard to include a newsletter feature to report on happenings of interest across our entire customer base.

Allowing you to get to where you need to be and see what you need to see

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    The Operations Team in support of the Help Desk/Incident and Field Services Teams provides the infrastructure to run hundreds of virtual desktops. We monitor the general health and performance of the environment and make recommendations for adding new hardware or other enhancements, as well as provide ongoing system patching.

  • Cloud Based Services

    Over the past 5 years the Operations Team has built a local cloud infrastructure in support of our Server and Desktop virtualizations. As we move into the future, we are integrating both campus cloud services through the Campus Computing Initiative and industry standard cloud services by leveraging Microsoft Azure for server and application virtualization.

  • Information Security and Continuity of Operations

    The Operations Team in conjunction with our campus partners in the Office of Cybersecurity and the Network Operations Center strive to provide a secure and stable environment for AIMS customers to work in. We have most recently completed moving our server networks and approximately one third of our client networks behind the newest generation of campus firewalls. We look forward to moving the rest of our client networks, as infrastructure is made available to us. Additionally, the Operations Team provides a highly available infrastructure for our most critical services, which allows us to keep as many of our customers, as possible, online during unexpected outages.