About Administrative Information Management Services (AIMS)

In July of 2008, the Administrative Information Management Services (AIMS) department formed within the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration. AIMS is a consolidation of existing IT services and staff with the goal of driving efficiencies through the use of shared infrastructure and talent. Acting as a complement to the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) and working in cooperation with the Office of the CIO, AIMS provides value added IT services that typically had been provided at the department/division level. AIMS offers a full scope of IT services including workstation lifecycle management, customer support (Help Desk), storage services, application hosting and delivery, and web-based application development services.

AIMS’ goal is to be a campus center of excellence for providing efficient and effective administrative IT services by employing a shared services model and acting as a federated IT service provider. AIMS provides participating units the following benefits:

  • Leveraging the cost of infrastructure and staff expertise over a wider customer base thereby lowering costs to reporting units.
  • Encouraging the efficient use of automation in delivering administrative services to campus by lowering the cost of entry through the use of shared IT services.
  • Improving the coordination and management of critical IT services between campus units.

AIMS’ approach to carrying out this charge is reflected in the following Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles:


Assist administrators in their support of the University’s mission by providing high quality, efficient IT support services.


Be the trusted provider of IT support services for campus administrative units.

Guiding Principles

  • Focus on being, first and foremost, a customer service organization
  • Work in close cooperation with the VCFA and CIO
  • Act as a complement to DoIT and not a competitor
  • Leverage central campus and cloud IT services wherever possible
  • Oversee IT complexities and risks for our customers
  • Function as a member of our customer’s business team
  • Maintain in-depth knowledge of our customers’ administrative processes
  • Maintain a highly trained, highly skilled, customer-focused staff

General AIMS FAQs

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What type of IT services does AIMS provide?

AIMS provides information technology services to administrative campus units using a shared services model, leveraging investment and expertise in a Microsoft-based infrastructure.

What technologies does AIMS support?

AIMS works with Microsoft-based applications and services. These include Office 365 email services, Microsoft SQL Server database services, IIS web services, and other vendor-based services.

What is AIMS’ relationship with DoIT?

Working in close cooperation with the Office of the CIO, AIMS acts as a compliment to DoIT leveraging central IT services whenever possible.

How do I acquire additional information about becoming an AIMS customer?

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