AIMS Website

In April the new AIMS website went live and there are a few new and exciting features that we would like to point out! The first is the AIMS Help Desk form. This form makes contacting the Help Desk easier than ever before. The form can easily be accessed from the AIMS homepage by clicking on Email: Contact Form under the AIMS Quick Help section.

Another new feature that we're excited to share with our customers is the online LAN Authorization Form. This means that supervisors, managers, and those requesting new user accounts don't have to fill out the form and email it or fax it to the Help Desk anymore! All you have to do is fill in the form and click Submit. Since the LAN Authorization Form is accessible on the website, we highly recommend customers to use this version of the form verses the old LAN Authorization form –as it will eventually be required in the future.

Other new features of our website include: who we are and what we do, current projects and initiatives, upcoming AIMS activities, training opportunities, and much more!

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