Benefits of AITSIP

For AIMS Staff

  • Well-defined roles and responsibilities
    • Roles and responsibilities can be aligned with strengths and passions
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • Consistent compensation structure
  • Greater opportunity for career and professional development (greater number of roles and paths for advancement)
  • Simplified & improved service delivery processes
  • Building new customer relationships & improving current relationships
  • Future workload reductions due to growth of customer self-service efficiencies

For the VCFA and AIMS

  • Benefits of efficient ITSM processes include:
    • Lower costs for IT operations
    • Higher returns on IT investments
    • Minimal service outages
    • Ability to establish well-defined, repeatable, and manageable IT processes
    • Efficient analysis of IT problems to reduce repeat incidents
    • Improved efficiency of IT help desk teams
  • General Benefits
    • Improved resource allocation
    • Data-driven decision making via standardized metrics output
    • Continual improvement opportunities via increased visibility into operational performance

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