Information Security and Continuity of Operations

The Operations Team in conjunction with our campus partners in the Office of Cybersecurity and the Network Operations Center strive to provide a secure and stable environment for AIMS customers to work in. We have most recently completed moving our server networks and approximately one third of our client networks behind the newest generation of campus firewalls. We look forward to moving the rest of our client networks, as infrastructure is made available to us. Additionally, the Operations Team provides a highly available infrastructure for our most critical services, which allows us to keep as many of our customers, as possible, online during unexpected outages.

Cloud Based Services

Over the past 5 years the Operations Team has built a local cloud infrastructure in support of our Server and Desktop virtualizations. As we move into the future, we are integrating both campus cloud services through the Campus Computing Initiative and industry standard cloud services by leveraging Microsoft Azure for server and application virtualization.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The Operations Team in support of the Help Desk/Incident and Field Services Teams provides the infrastructure to run hundreds of virtual desktops. We monitor the general health and performance of the environment and make recommendations for adding new hardware or other enhancements, as well as provide ongoing system patching.