Checking Your Camera Before Your Meeting

Windows Camera App

Many of our virtual meeting tools (Webex, Zoom, Teams)  allow you to check your camera prior to joining a meeting. This is usually right before you join the meeting. To give yourself more time to check your camera, lighting, and background, why not try Windows quick and easy way to check your camera before any meeting?

  1. Type Camera in the Windows Search Bar or after clicking on the Windows Start icon.
  2. Select the Camera App.
  3. Make any necessary adjustments and close the app.

Windows Setting Screen and arrow pointing to image of person


Confirm Your Laptop Privacy Panel Is Not Closed

If you are seeing yourself and you have an AIMS laptop, check to see if the slider is in the closed position. There are AIMS laptops that have a built-in camera privacy option controlled by a slider button.

picture of laptop with privacy button over camera
Laptop camera is closed
picture of laptop with privacy button open
Laptop camera is available




Article Contributors Scott Winger & Matt Selck

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