Strategies for Accessing Files Remotely

Regularly we get calls related to locating files stored on the network. We will touch on two situations where this may happen and what you can do to solve the mystery.
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#1 Accessing Files While Working Remotely

When you work remotely with an AIMS laptop you must “provide a map” for the network to locate your files. The laptops we support have a shortcut for mapping on the main screen that you must click to complete the process. Nine out of ten times we find this step was missed.

What You Can Do:

  1. Disconnect and reconnect to Global Protect VPN.
  2. Select the shortcut Map Network Drives.

Important! A pop-up message will display and disappear. Do not close the pop-up message that appears. It closes on its own.

Enter your AIMS ID and password when connecting remotely to:
Portal address if connecting to AIMS network


Enter your NetID and password when connecting remotely to:
UWMadison Portal address -
– &nspb;


#2 Transferring to Another Department

Every AIMS customer has access to network drives. These show up as drive letters ( H:) when you transfer to a different department on campus you lose access to the drive(s).

If you want to make copies of the files stored on your current AIMS home drive and you have not transferred to your new position:

  1. Obtain your supervisor’s approval to copy files (some may be private to the current department and cannot be copied.)
  2. Save the files to UW-Madison-provided cloud storage (e.g. UW MS OneDrive/Google Drive.)

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