Hiring New Staff?

If you are hiring new staff for the summer or fall, here is some key information to help ensure they have a smooth onboarding experience with their computer and access.

  • Submitting the Request
    • AIMS has a New User Account request form that is comprised of 3 sections to get your new employee’s IT needs ready for their first day. The form contains requests for their: Account, Computer, and Training.
    • Please fill this out as soon as you can so AIMS can ensure everything is ready for their first day. We need at least 2 weeks, but we are happy to know about the new hire as soon as possible.
    • The user’s login information is sent to the hiring manager who fills out the form. Please keep track of this information as it will be needed on their first day.
  • Computer Tips
    • If you are going to utilize an existing computer for this new hire, please indicate this on the Computer section of the form.  We may need to follow up with you to ensure the computer is ready for your new hire.
    • Note that desktop computers are not ideal for working from home due to networking complications. We can work with you to find the right computer for your new hire.
  • Training
    • AIMS offers New User Training that can take place on their first day or during their first week or two.
  • Unsure about anything?
    • Contact the AIMS Help Desk before you fill out the form and we can help!

Contributors Luke Bluma & Travis Harvey

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