LAN Authorization

University of Wisconsin-Madison

AIMS LAN System Authorization Form

To ensure a prompt, timely response, please complete and submit at least two weeks prior to the employee's first day for new requests.

Send completed form by clicking the Submit button at the bottom of the form. You will receive a confirmation email containing a summary of the information entered on this form. You may also designate another individual to receive a CC on the form submission confirmation.

Please Note: Requests for AutoCAD Access (AutoCAD Authorization Form) must be sent separately to FPM attn: Jon Lourigan, Room 206, 30 N Mills St., Madison, WI 53715-1211.

Section I: Type of Request

If you need to provide clarification for any information you are entering, please use the Additional Comments and Information box at the bottom of this form.

Date must provide at least 2 weeks lead time; otherwise, please expect a call from the AIMS Management Team.

Section I (a): New Customer Orientation

An AIMS New Customer Orientation is a great way to familiarize your new staff member with the services AIMS provides. It does not include any technical information critical to the new person's first day, first login, or use of their computer. Select Yes for more information and options.

Section II: Employee Information

Section III: Supervisory Approval

Section IV: Specific Information

Required: Account to Model the New User Account After

Use this section to specify another person in a similar position within your organization. We use this information as a model for the new account we are creating for you. Consider the folders, access levels, and other privileges the existing person has been assigned with their account. The new account we are creating will have these same attributes. If this is a completely new position, or there is no other person in a role closely matching the new person's position, indicate this below and the Operations Team will reach out to you to discuss how to configure the new account.

Computer Use:

Software Requests (applications needed beyond standard applications like Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.):

Special Application Access

Some special applications require a different form submission. For any applications on this list, click the link for the appropriate form. The form opens in a new tab. For any other special applications, select "Yes" and list the applications required.

UW Madison Purchasing Card Program (MapCapp)   Purchasing and Vendor System (BUSPO) Purchasing Contract Inquiry (PUCT)
Risk Management/Certificate /
e-VUA Program (CERTS)/Driver Authentication  
Expeditor Mailing Labels (Expeditor)  
AutoCAD (FPM) Great Plains

Note: Opening any of the above forms does not complete, and is not a substitute for this form. Be sure to return here and complete this form!

Data Directory Access - may also be known as "Workgroup Directory Access" or "Special Group Access"

Supervisor's Duty to Explain:
User's Agreement to Accept Responsibility

It is the supervisor's duty to explain these user agreement points to the new user. This can best be accomplished at the time you are assisting the person to login for the first time. Their logging in constitutes acceptance of this user agreement, and AIMS does not require additional documentation as verification. It is unnecessary to hold this form awaiting the new user's agreement as this will only delay creation of the new user's account.

  • Your password is intended for your use only. You must not disclose your password to anyone. Your password verifies your logon identification, and you are responsible for keeping it confidential. Your password must be changed periodically. Change your password immediately if you suspect another may know your current password.
  • Your use of University computing resources is restricted to authorized University of Wisconsin business.
  • You may only access data for which you have specific authorization. You may only use your access to data for authorized University of Wisconsin business.
  • You will be held responsible for any security breach traceable to your assigned logon identification. You will also be held liable for any willful misuse or deliberate system damage traceable to your logon identification.
  • You may not install any hardware or software on University-owned hardware without specific approval from AIMS.
  • Violation of this agreement may result in disciplinary action or legal action or both.

In submitting this form I confirm that I have reviewed the included information carefully, and I am authorized to request new user accounts on the AIMS network.

The Submit button will appear after you have clicked "I have reviewed this form".