MFA-Duo Request Form

You may use this form to:

  • Request an MFA-Duo "Token" (also known as a "Fob"). When you select your department, your on-site fob delivery date will be shown. If you are unable to come and pick one up on that day/time, you may request an alternate. Please make every attempt to pick up a fob on the date we indicate. Be sure to register a device (phone, tablet, fob) before the date indicates as your "Required On" date.

    WAIT: Do you really need a fob? Here are some thoughts to help you decide:

    • Most will not need one, but there are specific reasons why one would be necessary, including that you:
      • Do not own a smartphone,
      • Do not wish to use your personal device for employer-mandated purposes,
    • First one is "free" but the replacement cost for a lost or damaged fob may cost as much as $20.
    • The smartphone app can be used to generate a passcode even in situations where a push notification to the phone is not possible due to no cell service and no WiFi access. In other words, the app can be used completely offline just like a fob; it can do exactly what a fob does.
    • You can print a list of 10 one-time-use passcodes to keep in your wallet, bag, etc., in case you don't have access to a phone or fob. Unused codes expire in 120 days from the date they were printed, so best practice might be to set a calendar reminder to print a new batch periodically.
    • The app for a phone requires a single tap to approve the login request via the push notification, whereas the fob requires entering a 6-digit code every time.

  • OR you may use this form to notify us that you will not be able to use MFA-Duo at this time. Requests to be excluded will be verified with your supervisor. DoIT is only able to grant exceptions in very specific circumstances. This is rare.

Note to Supervisors: When requested that we deliver to a supervisor, AIMS prefers to deliver to you rather than a departmental receptionist, front desk, etc. Token/Fob replacement cost is up to $20.00, and we are tracking who is accepting delivery on behalf of another. You may, however, request that we leave a fob(s) with someone else so as to make the transfer as quick and easy as possible. But please be mindful of the fact that we are tracking who is taking possession of these devices.

The "Submit" button will appear once you have indicated that you are ready to submit the form.

Fobs are available, free of charge, at the DoIT Walk-In Help Desk in the Computer Science building on Dayton Street next door to Union South. AIMS cannot supply anyone with a fob at this time.