AIMS New Customer Orientation Request

An AIMS New Customer Orientation is a great way to familiarize your new staff member with the services AIMS provides. It does not include any technical information critical to the new person's first day, first login, or use of their computer. Select Yes for more information and options.

Supervisors are sent login name, temporary password, and links to additional information they might need to help the new hire get started, so first-day orientations are not strictly necessary. Nevertheless, some supervisors wish to include the AIMS New Customer Orientation as a part of the new hire's first-day schedule. We will do our best to accommodate these requests which you may request (below) on this form. Otherwise, AIMS will reach out to the new person shortly after their start date to arrange a time to meet.

The New Customer Orientation typically takes about a half hour, but questions, and especially if there is a laptop involved, can extend the time required up to as much as an hour and a half. Extra time is required for laptop users so we can show them how to successfully, and securely connect to the AIMS network through the VPN while roaming around campus. We encourage questions from the new person, and we also provide a place here for you to specify anything in particular that you need us to review with the new person.

Submitter Information

Name of person making this request for a New Customer Orientation (even if same as the new customer.)

New Employee Information

Name of the new employee receiving this orientation.

Please Note: AIMS will need either a phone number or email address so we can reach out to the new employee on or within a few days of their indicated start date.

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