New Customer Orientation

Our new customer orientations are intended for new hires, and/or transfers into an AIMS supported department, division, or unit who are unfamiliar with AIMS Help Desk services. The 20-30 minute orientation is provided onsite at the new hire’s work location by an AIMS Customer Engagement & Learning Services team member.

Here on this web page, we cannot capture the personal approach we take to this training, nor the ability to answer whatever questions may arise, so we encourage everyone to request this New Customer Orientation. That said, what follows are the main talking points we cover with the new customer during the training. Click here for the printable brochure.

image of two people shaking hands

Administrative Information Management Services (AIMS)

In July of 2008 the Administrative Information Management Services (AIMS) department formed within the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration. AIMS is a consolidation of existing IT services and staff with the goal of driving efficiencies through the use of shared infrastructure and talent. AIMS offers a full scope of IT services including workstation lifecycle management, customer support (Help Desk), storage services, application hosting and delivery, and web-based application development services.

Division of Information Technology (DoIT)

In addition to AIMS, DoIT provides many other computing services to the UW Campus including:

  • Office 365 (Email)
  • Access to the Internet and wireless
  • Computing and networking guidelines
  • Mainframe services
  • WiscWeb Service/WordPress

For more information about DoIT, please visit:

AIMS Operations and Support Services – Help Desk

AIMS supports a standard set of software.

  • Microsoft Windows 7 & 10 Professional
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Professional
  • Microsoft Visio, Project
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Box
  • VPN
Hours: Monday – Friday
7:15am – 5:00pm
Phone: 608-265-6900

Calls received during off hours will be forwarded to voice mail which is checked every morning and throughout the day. If your call is after hours and an emergency (e.g. network outage) the outgoing voice mail message will provide instructions on how to reach the on-call member of our support staff.

When contacting the AIMS Help Desk, the analyst assisting you may request to remotely access your workstation. You will be asked to provide your asset tag number or “AIMS number” (e.g., “AIMS1234”) which is located physically on your PC.

UW Campus Computing Policies

The “Responsible Use” policy is in place to govern computing across the UW campus. To read the policy in detail, please click this link:

Passwords and NetID

CIO policy forbids AIMS support staff from asking you for your password. We suggest you never give out your password to anyone!

To change your initial, temporary AIMS password to one of your choosing, log in to your PC and press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Click on the “Change Password” button. You will be asked to enter both your temporary and new password.

The AIMS user name and password, even if it’s similar to your NetID, are two separate log in credentials. AIMS provides support services for your AIMS login information, which is the user name and password needed to log onto your workstation. The Net D, used to sign into “MyUW” and email via the internet, is supported by DoIT. Please contact DoIT with any technical issues with your NetID.


Your email address is your NetID followed by “”. To add the campus standard address visit:

Your email account can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection by clicking on the “Email/Calendar”” link via

Home and Shared Drives

AIMS highly recommends customers to use their home or shared drive(s) to store all their documents because they are nightly backed up.

Do NOT store data on your C: drive! Unfortunately, AIMS cannot restore data from the C: drive if the PC is damaged, stolen, or infected by a virus.

Virus and Malware

To minimize the risk of a viruses:

  • Don’t open suspicious emails or their attachments
  • Don’t install anything from an unfamiliar website

If you suspect that your computer may have a virus:

  • STOP!
  • Don’t click or type
  • Call the AIMS Help Desk at 608.265.6900

AIMS Equipment Check Out Services

AIMS provides shared laptops and projectors for work related purposes. To reserve equipment, contact the AIMS Help Desk. Please request two weeks in advance.


  • AIMS Customer Engagement & Learning Services (CELS) department provides training and online documentation for many of AIMS supported applications. Contact the AIMS Help Desk for more information.
  • No cost and fee-based opportunities exist through DoIT and New Horizons of Wisconsin (university contract visit for additional information. Contact your supervisor for approval.
  • Cultural Linguistic Services offers basic computer classes for UW-Madison employees on a regular basis. Instruction can be delivered in English, Spanish, Hmong and Tibetan. For class content, dates, contact the Office of Human Resource Development 608.265.2257.
  • As a campus employee, free online software training is available through LinkedIn Learning. Visit for additional information.