New Help Desk & Incident Team Staff

  (From left to right: Clint Ebert, Boon Xiong, Patrick Kozlowski, and David Moore.)

During the last quarter AIMS has onboarded new members to our Help Desk & Incident Team. The help desk strives to provide each and every single customer with exceptional service and solutions over the phone while remotely connected to you. However, should the problem call for it, they will go out into the field to assist with your technical needs. When you call in to the help desk, you may be able to reach one of our new Help Desk & Incident Team members!

We would like to share with you some of our new Help Desk & Incident Team member’s hobbies so you can get to know them better! Clint likes to spend his free time playing video games and reading. On the other hand, Boon enjoys outdoor activities and watching horror and Sci-Fi movies. Patrick also spends his free time outdoors, but he also likes to read. Last but not least, David enjoys playing the bass guitar and taking road trips with his wife. We are excited to have Clint, Boon, Patrick, and David on our Help Desk & Incident Team!

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