Remote Virtual Meetings

For many, remote virtual meetings are a daily ritual. It can get a bit overwhelming as you transition from meetings hosted on Webex to Zoom to Teams. This Knowledgebase article may just help you identify which virtual meeting tool works best for your team meetings. Below are some tips for planning and looking your best in virtual meetings.

What you Wear Matters

  • Go for solid, bold colors
  • Steer clear of patterns, stripes, and plaids – small patterns can appear wavy on video
  • Avoid wearing solid white next to your face – it is brighter on camera and gives a washed out look

Lights, Camera, Action


  • Add lighting behind the camera (lighting should come from in front of you, never behind)
  • Use LED lighting-less heat + more video friendly color temperature
  • Attend virtual meetings in a room with lots of natural light if other light options are not available


  • Prop your camera to eye-level to avoid sharing a “nose view” with other attendees
  • Look directly into the camera
  • Pay attention to what is behind you, your audience does
  • Turn on the virtual background before a meeting when you want others to focus on you and not the background


  • Check out the vast amount of “Remote” tips:

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DoIT IT News Webex Updates:

      August (instant Unmute-Press the Space Bar)

      September (Audio/video preview enhancements)

      October  (Mute Settings/adjust camera brightness)

       November (Remove Background Noise)

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The University’s Microsoft TeamsUG (User Group) is an active group that shares tips and helps members get the most out of Teams

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