Spam and Scams

Each of the messages listed in the table below have been sent to a large number of our customers and each has been identified as spam/phishing scam.

If you receive any of these messages, delete the message immediately!

Questions or concerns can be directed to the AIMS Help Desk

Date Reported Subject From/SenderMessage PDF with Links Disabled
11/17/2016Your Password Expires TodayShanika Ware [] SPAM2016_11_17
02/09/2016[SCAM] Your Apple ID has been suspendedApple []SPAM2016_02_09
04/27/2015New Text Message from (601) 456-3774 RingCentralSPAM2015_04_27
02/27/2015500MBADMIN [] SPAM2015_02_27
01/23/2015Error MAILER-DAEMON []SPAM2015_01_23
12/18/2014Account User []SPAM2014_12_18
11/10/2014You have received a voice mail Microsoft Outlook []SPAM2014_11_10
11/03/2014Get back to me immediately Abdul Qadir []SPAM2014_11_03
10/09/2014Internal ONLY Administrator []SPAM2014_10_09
10/08/2014Account Update []SPAM2014_10_08
10/06/2014IT-Service Desk Sue A. Miller []SPAM2014_10_06
09/15/2014Warning!SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR []SPAM2014_09_15
08/11/2014ACCOUNT UPGRADETechnology & Information Services [mailto:]SPAM2014_08_11
07/23/2014School Account NotifiiciationSchool Library []SPAM2014_07_23_2
07/23/2014Re-Notification Update!!!University of Wisconsin–Madison []SPAM2014_07_23
06/03/2014Mail News Update!UWisc Mail Team []SPAM2014_06_03_2
06/03/2014IT Help desk.Maggard, Christine []SPAM2014_06_03_1
05/02/2014System AdministratorSystem Administrator []SPAM2014_05_02
04/25/2014Internal PayrollUnity Messaging System [] *or a variation of this e-mail addressSPAM2014_04_25