Video Training

Many of the video training modules listed below are hosted by LinkedIn Learning. Their short, topic-based videos let you drill down to the specific task you need training on, yet still allow for complete training on any given subject by watching all videos in a course. When we find great YouTube and other training video sources, we’ll list them here, too.

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How to Access LinkedIn Learning Training Videos

Faculty, staff, and students all have access to the full catalog of topics and courses at LinkedIn Learning. Here’s how to access these videos:

  1. Login to MyUW with your NetID and password.
  2. Locate and click the LinkedIn Learning tile. If not visible in your arrangement of tiles, you may need to click Add to home + located below the tiles. Then click + Add to home on the LinkedIn Learning entry in the master list of MyUW items.
  3. Log into LinkedIn Learning.  You may be asked to login using your NetID, and if you have linked your personal LinkedIn account to LinkedIn Learning, you may have to enter your personal LinkedIn account password.
  4. Once logged into LinkedIn Learning you will have full access to all training courses, and have the capability to click and view any of the video links in the Training Videos section below.