What is AITSIP?

The Administrative IT Services Integration Project, or AITSIP for short, has been undertaken to improve and optimize the IT services provided and supported for customers within the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration.    Furthermore, the goal of AITSIP is to establish an integrated core IT services delivery model which provides consistent IT services across Finance and Administration Units following ITIL guidelines and framework.  AIMS will also use this as an opportunity to align more closely with the processes of IT Service Management (ITSM).

This project originates from one of three recommendations made from the Finance and Administration IT Study.  The IT study found that core IT infrastructure services are provided and managed across five separate IT operational units within Finance and Administration—with varying sizes and differing technical strategies to achieve the same business outcome. This environment of duplication leads to the following concerns:

  • Variability in the services provided, which leads to increased risk to both service levels and security.
  • Inability to optimize resource availability and efficiency across Finance and Administration units.
  • Unnecessary proliferation of IT hardware and data centers.
  • Difficulty in implementing a common IT strategy.
  • Inconsistent career opportunities for staff.
  • Lack of visibility by VCFA Heller into IT spend and outcomes from those IT expenditures.

AITSIP will be planned for and executed in two overlapping phases.

Phase I focuses on the formation and establishment of an integrated IT Service Desk that serves Finance and Administration through the implementation of a common ticketing system and a single point of contact for IT customers.  Phase I will also complete integration of UHS IT services and IT staff from University Housing and the Wisconsin Union.

Phase II will focus on integrating the remaining core IT infrastructure services provided by the AIMS organization following IT Service Management best practices.  These services include but are not limited to end point management, server hosting and storage, professional applications, and security services.

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